You can win the all battles but lose all the war. – Some Schmuck

I’m not even sure that is a quotable quote. But let’s assume that it is. This round of X-Com has proven it to be true, even if no one ever said it. After the semi-success of the previous mission, things started to look up for the X-Com team, or at least they did from the ground. Causalities accumulated, but the next four missions were outstanding successes. But filling aliens full of lead, or by this stage, beams of amplified light, isn’t enough to stop an alien invasion apparently. Spirits were high through these last missions, with the expectation that a growing pile of alien corpses would soon mean victory. But alas…


2013-01-11_00071 2013-01-12_00005

The world was in panic. The governments and peoples of the world were in panic. Despite burning holes through the bodies of the enemies, or the exploding of their limbs and alien bones in balls of fire, member countries of X-Com began withdrawing at an alarming rate. With the exception of Egypt. For reasons unknown, the Egyptians were alarmingly relaxed about the whole experience, while the USA, UK, China and Japan were all freaking the fuck out. In the space of a few days, those final successful missions turned rapidly into a bitter defeat.

2013-01-12_00010 2013-01-12_00011

I never quite understood why countries would choose to leave X-Com and defund it. X-Com was the only game in town in terms of the defence of the planet from certain annihilation. But, given the real world response to multi-lateral action on global threats, I guess it isn’t surprising that everyone thinks they can go it alone. Turns out they can’t. Aliens ended up harvesting people like we were ripened fruit in an intergalactic citrus orchard.


Defeat. Battles won: 8, Battles lost: 5. That says it all really. But as they say, statistics only tell half the story. So, what went wrong? A complete lack of satellite coverage, which reduces panic, was the main failure. Every country wants to know when a UFO is sucking up citizens like they were milkshakes in an planetary milk bar. X-Com had be operating on the assumption that ignorance and alien death is bliss. Well, either ain’t.

In the next play through, I beat Classic Difficulty (Ironman), largely due to the use of satellites to calm the masses.

Shhh, only dreams now sheeple.

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