Sally Cafferty was born to two desert dwellers, two sick and sweaty grease balls who ran a subsistence farm somewhere in monument valley, cramped up in the north
east corner of Arizona, their backs pressed hard up against the Utah border.

Sally Cafferty was born at one o’clock in the afternoon and was dead and buried by three. Hungry and with naught but dust to feed the little screamer the parents stuffed her tiny newborn mouth full of sand and buried her among the desert bloom. The summer storms brought her back from the ground and floated her wrapped bones down the wash and into the garden of the Irish whore Jane O’Malley, who took a shotgun and followed the red river upstream to the Cafferty place
where she took the time to twice unload buckshot into the miserable parents.

Jane O’Malley cradled the little bones of Sally Cafferty for a year and then buried her as the first resident of the desert cemetary outside Aleshanee Falls.

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