A UFO has been shot down. XCOM team sent out by yours truly. Mission: Kill or Capture or Xrays (that is pro talk for Extraterrestrial). Basically: Murder or Kidnapped E.T.
That would have been easy. Plus, that annoying kid Elliot could get caught in the crossfire and take a one way ticket to GraveVille, population: elliot. I don’t really know what to expect from a downed UFO. The occupants would be pretty pissed that they got shot down by crappy humans. But then again, I can’t help but wonder if they meant to do this!

Not knowing what to expect, I suited up my most experienced squad. The hero of the previous mission, Ramirez, has become a sniper and the biker-guy Mike Smith levels into the assault class. This is kind of an odd process because you don’t get to choose what class your soldiers will level into. Once in a class you can make some skill selections but the path they follow is randomly assigned. This is initially annoying (I need Support class not Assault!) but actually brings the tension up a notch. Taking your only high ranking soldier of a particular class into the field poses the risk of losing some useful skills. At the moment I’m still limited to four squad members – I don’t have the resources to get the officer training school built in my base (which will allow me to increase squad size).


Spirits are high as the team unloads from the Skyranger. We’re gonna kill that dumb Elliott kid and his creepy alien friend, laughed the soldiers.


And now we get to the lesson of the day. Remember in the previous part Ramirez was given special attention, particularly because of her exceptional efforts in the mission? It seemed like she was going to be the bad ass that makes it through this war. Her inconsistent backstory made her the promise of an over-arching narrative, where her friends and lovers would fall into blasted heaps of plasma-burnt human flesh? Well that all came to a screaming halt in the second turn of the mission where she took multiple balls of super-heated matter to the face. On the “Classic” level of difficulty, a hit is almost always fatal at this early level. If I wasn’t playing ironman mode, I’d probably have reloaded. But here, I have to continue. With the dead body of the Hero of San Francisco down, Agooda panics.


Panics, and unloads lead into the Sectoid that took out Alvarez. Panic makes a soldier take a random action (without using a turn) they can fire at the closet enemy (usually good news), hide (and lose a turn) or shoot at the closest ally (usually bad news). So I got a good outcome here, but Alvarez’s narrative comes to a sad end. She will be remembered. Agooda is clearly pissed. Because in the following turn she takes out another Sectoid.


And after that she charges off after some sounds she hears in the woods, and whacks two more of those crazy-ass babies with elephantitis of the head.


Oh yeah. But you see, I’m going to resist making any kind of emotional connection to Agooda, but I learnt my goddamn lesson. Yeah, I’m proud! But I ain’t proud in a way I’ll be pissed when she is exploded at some point. So here is to Agooda, Agooda the Vengeful!


She’s Agooda killing aliens!

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