The British were pretty pissed that a neutron bomb was set off at a major metropolitan railway station. I don’t know exactly what a neutron bomb does, other than it is supposedly a kill-not-destroy weapon, but I’m sure that as with most bombs they are less than favourable devices upon detonation.

Such a horrific act of terrorism won’t get the best of the XCOM team. We’re too busy attending to a situation at the local petrol station and burger joint. A group of sectoids have decided to abduct some burger hungry motorists for some probing. The first thing I do is choose the stupidest possible place to deploy. Rather than move to the safer approach through the parking lot, I decide, for reasons unknown, to approach through the petrol pumps. These can explode on being hit, as can the cars, which can cause a chain reaction, fucking shit up good.


The plan is to approach from the left side of the building and sweep in through the back entrance and over the roof. Mike Smith, Shotgun Guy, approaches the front of the building and sets up next to the vending machine. From here he can cover the front doors of the buildings, allowing everyone else to come up and position behind him.

Sure enough, soon after taking position, Mike lines up Sectoids as they come out to investigate the teams arrival.
He takes out the first one with his shotgun before switching to pistol, which is more accurate at the longer range required for the second intruder.

Meanwhile the rest of the team begin moving up to support Mike, making their way through the volatile refueling area. One wrong shot could set these bad boys off.

With the front of the building now covered by Shotgun Guy and a Sniper, the rest of the team begin to swing to the back of the building. Unfortunately, I’ve missed that a car has been set on fire. In the shot below you can see Mike at the vending machine, a fourth Sectoid has appeared in front of him and is about to cop a face full of leads, two dead sectoids just outside the front door, an behind Mike a car on fire and a member of the team behind that car. The car explodes at the start of the next turn, and I have to pull the team back to give first aid to two injured members.2013-01-10_00025With the injured team members patched up, the operation recommences. Mike proceeds to the rear door while Patterson takes up position where he was. The sectoids, their brains swollen with stupidity, keep pouring out the front door as the team hops around the back. From her position Patterson gets an easy shot at them as they move into the open.

2013-01-10_00031Judging by the excessive display of drama here, this sectoid was also a member of the galactic football federation.


With Patterson now covering a pile of grey corpses and green goo, the rest of the team stacks up at the rear door. At this point in time I expect that the remaining sectoids are holed up in the adjacent burger point and not in the convenience store section of the complex, so I don’t take too many precautions when I breach the rear door.


Which is a bad idea because there are a couple still lurking inside. Since sectoids usually appear in groups of three, I should have known that if there are four bodies outside, then there are likely to be two walking enemies inside. Fortunately, Mike Smith dodges this close encounter, but the Mountain Dew takes a load of plasma!


The offending alien pays for the sloppy shot and takes the full force of a blast from the shotgun.


With the convenience store cleared (the yellow section) the team moves into the burger joint, and encounters another trio of sectoids, who flee out of the building. After waiting a few turns without any activity, I send Patterson onto the roof to try and find where they’ve gone.


While Patterson checks the permiter from above, one of the sectoids appears through the backdoor of the convenience store and is promptly dispatched by the team. This gives me an idea where the other two may be. Mike Smith opens the back door, revealing the position of the remaining enemies. While Patterson can’t see the sectoids directly, she can still lob a grenade to the enemy position based on Smith’s line of sight. The grenade explodes between the last two bad guys, tearing them to tiny green and grey pieces. Victory!


When the team gets back to XCOM HQ everyone is called into the monthly report meeting with the Council. We’re doing okay, but not great, and panic is beginning to spread unchecked in three continents. Without any satellite coverage it is going to be very difficult to reign it back in.


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